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May 13, 2022

How You Can Get Canadian Spousal Sponsorship 2022

Spousal sponsorship is a complex legal process in Canada. Assume you’re a common-law partner or spouse of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident seeking immigration to Canada. In that scenario, you must satisfy certain requirements. Here’s all you need to know about it.

Policies You Need To Know About Spousal Sponsorship In Canada

To be eligible for Canadian spousal sponsorship, an applicant must be lawfully married to their sponsor or be in a conjugal partnership. In Canada, the following relationships qualify for spousal sponsorship:

Policies You Need To Know About Spousal Sponsorship In Canada

Common-Law Partnerships

If you and your spouse have been in a relationship for at least one year, it is considered a common-law partnership (12 months).

It is not necessary for the 12-month period to be consecutive. Short absences are permitted by law.

Because common-law partnerships lack a marriage certificate, you may be required to produce proof of your connection, such as proof of living together, financial accounts, a record of cohabitation, and other documents.

Common-Law Partnerships

Conjugal Partnerships

Conjugal relationships are partners who cannot qualify as common-law partners because of matters related to marital status or immigration barriers.

Conjugal Partnerships

Requirements For Spousal Sponsorship In Canada

You must fulfill the following terms and conditions to be eligible for spousal sponsorship in Canada:

  • A Canadian resident or permanent resident must be the sponsor.
  • When applying, both the candidate and their partner must be 18 years old.
  • The sponsor must apply for spousal sponsorship on behalf of their partner.
  • The applicant’s spouse must be financially capable of supporting both partners.
  • The sponsorship agreement must be signed by the applicant’s spouse stating that they would assist both partners economically for at least three years after the applicant secures permanent residency.

Requirements For Spousal Sponsorship In Canada

What If I Don’t Live In Canada?

If the applicant is not lawfully resident in Canada when they apply for spousal sponsorship, they are not eligible for sponsorship. If this is what they are facing, they must try to apply for outland spousal sponsorship, which allows the applicant’s spouse to sponsor them if they are Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

What If I Don't Live In Canada

How Do I Prove My Relationship Status?

If the connection is deemed a common-law or conjugal relationship, Canadian immigration officials may request papers or other proof of the relationship. The following are examples of supporting documentation or evidence of a relationship:

  • Financial records, such as statements from shared bank accounts.
  • Verification of credit or a residential lease.
  • Household expenses (utilities, rent, etc.)
  • Affidavits signed by those who can verify the validity of the relationship

Canadian Immigration will only issue conditional permanent residency if the applicant and sponsor have not been together for more than 24 months and have no children. Both spouses must live with each other for a minimum of two years after getting conditional permanent residency before becoming unconditional permanent residents.

My Relationship Status

Assume you are a Canadian citizen who wishes to sponsor your spouse who resides in another nation. You must prove that you will live in Canada once the applicant is granted permanent status in such a situation. The application procedure for spousal sponsorship takes around a year.

Immigration Canada Spouse Sponsorship Online Account

Applicants for spousal sponsorship should link their paper-based application to an internet account by 2022, according to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). It’s simple to open an online Canadian immigration account by logging in using your current online banking login (Canadian banks) or a Government of Canada login. Linking your paper application to an online account allows IRCC to contact you immediately if you apply to sponsor a husband or wife or an eligible partner to come to Canada.

Spousal Sponsorship Online Benefits

Spousal Sponsorship Online Benefits:

Check the progress of your Spouse Visa application in real-time.

Requesting extra paperwork connected to your sponsorship application is more efficient for Immigration Canada (if needed)

Update your contact information easily (mail address, email, phone number, etc.)

Changes in your filed application, such as a marriage or the birth of a child, should be notified to Canadian immigration officials.

Spousal Sponsorship Online Benefits


If the sponsored individual has not yet become a permanent resident of Canada, you can withdraw your Canadian sponsorship application at any time.

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