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Student Visa

Student Visa

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Every year Canada welcomes more than 155,000 students from foreign countries for a student visa. It is a safe, multicultural nation. Because Canada has been one of the favorite destinations for students who wish to pursue higher education abroad, education programs in Canada, we offer the best student visa services in Surrey.

The 2017 ICEF (Inner City Education Foundation) survey shows that. 95% of students felt they are achieving success in meeting the needs of their academic program. It may mean that international students have positive results.

Canada offers diplomas of one or two years, advanced diplomas of two or three years, undergraduate programs of three or four years, Doctoral degrees or PhDs of four or five years with a dissertation, and short-term courses are the best.

Therefore, it is critical to apply on time and submit your complete application if you want to study in Canada or at one of their top colleges and universities.

Check eligible for a Canada student visa.

To be eligible to study in Canada, you need to obtain:

  • You are enrolled at a designated learning institution in Canada.
  • You must prove that you have sufficient funds to pay your tuition. Living expenses for you and any family members who go together with you to Canada, as well as transportation for you and any family members who go together with you to Canada. And transportation to and from your home country for you and your family.
  • You must be a law-abiding person with no criminal record and no threat to Canada’s security. A police certificate may be required.
  • You are in good health and agree to a medical examination if required.
  • You must show an immigration officer that you intend to leave Canada when your allowed stay expires. You can work and study at the same time. You can work both on and off-campus. If you don’t have a work permit, you can work on campus at your study institution. Study permit holders in Canada can obtain work experience by working off-campus while studying.

International students can apply for their Permanent Residency, which takes up to 15 to 18 months from within Canada. First, however, they need to fulfill the minimum eligibility requirements.

student visa

Study Permit

The Canadian government offers options for international students to stay after their studies and gain work experience. A study permit is a document given by the Canadian immigration authorities that serves as permission for international students to study in Canada.

The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) provide the Post-Graduate Work Permit Program. Under this program, international graduates can get an open work permit for three years. After that, international students cannot study in Canada without getting a valid study permit.

Apart from this, students who get a study permit can enroll in Designated Learning Institutions. Your study permit is not a student visa. It doesn’t let you enter Canada. You may also require a visitor visa or an electronic travel authorization (ETA) if we approve your study permit.

Apply for a Study Permit in Canada

If you require a Canadian study permit, you can apply online or through a paper application, which can be acquired from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

Paper applications normally take about twice as long, and check the processing times well in advance is always advised. To apply online, you’ll need a credit/debit card and the ability to create electronic copies of your supporting documents (i.e., a scanner or camera).

The visa office in your country will provide clear instructions about which documents you must provide; this can vary depending on your location. For example, suppose you need help in Surrey, Canada. In that case, you can get help from Green Acres Immigration Services Ltd, the best agency for Canada Student Visa in Canada and the best Student Visa consultant

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